Enabling Makers, Empowering Inventors

Frustrated by low-quality build and extortionate prices of 3d printers, we built OBJEXYZ from scratch. A sturdy frame with a precision linear motion system that’s ready to roll (read: print) as soon you unbox.

On Demand 3D Printing

Simplify your supply chain and start building your products in-house. OBJEXYZ provides on-demand 3d printing and manufacturing services

FDM 3D Printing

Best in Class FDM 3D Printing service. For fast, cost effective and reliable prototyping and low volume production.

SLA 3D Printing

If you are looking for the finest details and smoothest finishes OBJEXYZ SLA 3D Printing is the answer.

Sheet Metal Design

OBJEXYZ Provides sheet metal parts design and production service for precise and reliable metal parts.

Our Clients