OBJEXYZ PLAY is your unswerving and reliable creative partner that 3d prints intricate features with attention to detail and provides smoother surface finish for the project of your dreams.

Rs. 125,000/- Only

Sturdy and Efficient

We built PLAY keeping the highest quality standards in mind. The sturdy aluminum and carbon steel parts last 100x more than plastic and produce premium quality 3d prints without breaking a bank.

Engineering Redefined

With PLAY, we redefined how 3d printers are built. Our engineering team took five separate components and introduced them into a single metal part in the X-axis. What they built now delivers a promise of lifelong durability.

Built for You and All of Them

Suitable for all environments, PLAY’s hotend that reaches a temperature of up to 250C is enclosed with a metal cover to ensure safety by all means. Users of any skill level or age can now enjoy being creative without any fear of accidental touches.

Salient Features


Plug n Play


Silent Performance


Ready to Print out of the box


0.4mm Nozzle

Request a sample

Request a sample from preselected sample 3D Prints delivered to your home, you can chose item based on your industry.

Brilliant Print Quality

Achieve extremely high details with your OBJEXYZ PLAY 3D Printers upto 0.075mm layer resolution.


Micron Layer Resolution

Ample Connectivity

Use your 3D Printer in standalone mode with SD Card or USB Thumbdrive with the built in Touch Screen LCD or power your prints directly from the PC via USB cable.

1 Year Warranty

Even with the highest build quailty and reliability features OBJEXYZ PLAY comes with 1 Year of parts replacement warranty and after sales support so you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

Born and Built in Pakistan

PLAY is proudly designed and manufactured in Pakistan. We offer the most reliable, durable and, built-to-last product while keeping the stringent quality control in-check. OBJEXYZ leads the way to prove that you can produce a premium product locally.

What's included in the Box ?

Artboard 4 1
USB Cable
Artboard 5 1
Artboard 6 1
Power adapter
Artboard 3 1
Artboard 2 1
Artboard 7 1
Allen Keys
Artboard 1 1
Sample Filament
Artboard 8 1
filament holder


Detailed Specifications

Print Resolution:
75-300 microns (0.075mm - 0.3mm)
Extruder Temperature: Upto 230 C
SD Card, USB drive, USB Cable
Power Consumption:
150 Watt Max
Cura (Open Source)
Operating System:
Windows, MAC OS
Power Input:
220V AC - 12V / 10A DC via Adaptor
Physical Dimension:
430 x 380 x 350mm (HWD)
Build Volume:
200x200x200mm* (8 x 8 x 8in)
Printing Technology:
Fused Deposition Modeling
Material Diameter:
PLA, PLA CF, PLA Composites, TPU.
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
Heatbed: None
Standalone operation via Touch Screen LCD
File Type: